Marinated Tofu Sushi

Marinated tofu sushi will win over your heart! The teriyaki sauce marinated tofu grill made...

Diane Bento (3) in November

Fried kimchi roll

Fried Kimchi rice roll. Fried kimchi rice using butter, with grilled tofu inside, thin roasted egg outside, and...

Diane Bento (2) in November

Korean style Beef BBQ, Boiled hijiki, Boiled egg, Zucchini saute, Shelled dried shrimp 韩式烤牛肉,煮羊栖菜,煮鸡蛋,烤意大利瓜,凉拌干小虾米

Italian Rolls

Italian Sushi Sushi roll made with delicious Italian ingredients. It is a play on some delicious Italian ingredients with...

Diane Bento (1) in November

Pork roll with vegetables, Salmon teriyaki, Stir-fried asparagus and dry shrimp, Egg roll, Boiled pumpkin, Pickles

Spring Roll (2)

Diane Bento (4) in October

Chicken karaage, Stir-fried Shrimp and asparagus, Dried tofu salad, Flavored minced beef flakes, egg and carrot for steamed...

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