Diane Bento (3) in November

Diane Bento (2) in November

Korean style Beef BBQ, Boiled hijiki, Boiled egg, Zucchini saute, Shelled dried shrimp 韩式烤牛肉,煮羊栖菜,煮鸡蛋,烤意大利瓜,凉拌干小虾米

Diane Bento (2) in October

Chicken breast tempura, Stir fried bell pepper and dried anchovy with soy sauce flavor, Egg roll,

Diane Bento (1) in October

Grilled miso chicken, Shrimp tempura, Boiled hijiki, Stir-fried paprika, Egg roll日本酱风味烤鸡腿肉,天妇罗虾,煮羊栖菜,清炒彩椒,鸡蛋卷닭고기된장소스구이, 새우튀김, 녹미채조림, 파프리카볶음, 계란말이鳥もも肉味噌たれ焼き、エビ天ぷら、ひじき煮物、パプリカ炒め、だし巻き卵

Pork cutlet with cheese

California roll, Pork cutlet with cheese, Burdock salad 加州卷,加入奶酪做成的猪肉排,牛蒡沙拉 캘리포니아롤 , 치즈를...

Diane Bento (3) in September

Burdock and carrot wrapped with pork, stir fried bell pepper, green beans salad with sesame, fried egg roll 

Chicken Teriyaki Roll

Ingredients: Teriyaki chicken, green salad, sushi rice, sushi seaweed sheets Recipe:

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